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March 9, “Mucenicii”

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On March 9, we celebrated “Mucenicii”, a day celebrated in honor of the 40 Martyrs.

The 40 Martyrs were Christian soldiers under the pagan roman emperor Licinius, who were forced to worship pagan gods.

All forty men refused to reject God so they were imprisoned and beaten with stones for 8 days. After this they were sentenced to a cruel death: freezing in the cold lake of Sebaste. Forced to remove their clothes and enter the frozen lake, only death was waiting for them but in that night, a miracle made all the ice melt and the water was heated. A band of angels placed crowns on the heads of these dying saints. They were still living the next day so their legs were crushed and their bodies were sent to a riverside and burned.

There is also a legend that the number of martyrs was 44, not 40.

On this day, women use to make “mucenici” or “măcinici”, in the memory of these saints.

There are 2 types of making this dish: “mucenici/măcinici moldovenești” (named after a region of Romania, Moldova, at the east border with Moldavia; do not confuse with the country of Moldavia) and “mucenici/măcinici muntenești or dobrogeni” (also named after 2 regions of Romania: Muntenia and Dobrogea).

Women used to bake 40 or 44 mucenici/măcinici, a baked cake having the shape of the eight number, the number of cosmic balance and men drank 40/44 wine or brandy glasses.

I also cooked these dishes and I’m going to post the recipe and some pictures as soon as I’ll arrive home.


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