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Spring days and “Mărțișorul”

Finally, the spring arrived and brought with her a nice weather and a holiday mood.

After Valentine’s Day and Dragobete on February 14 and 24, the next in line for celebration are March 1 (“Mărțișorul“), 8 (Women’s Day), 9 (“Muncenicii”) and this year on March 28, “Floriile”.

Today I’m going to write about “Mărțisorul“.

“Mărțișorul” is celebrated on March 1 and is considered to be the first holiday of the spring. It’s name is the diminutive of “Martie” (March). More information you can find on Wikipedia.

I’m going to say what we do on this day: usually boys and men give “mărțișoare” or flowers to the girls, women colleagues, mothers, sisters and so on. Flowers given are usually spring flowers: snowdrops, hyacinths, Freesias, tulips even though you may also receive orchids or roses.

We have 2 best known legends regarding the “mărțișor” (pl.: “mărțișoare”):

1. This is the legend of the Sun who came to Earth like a beautiful girl (some Romanian regions said to be a handsome man). A dragon kidnapped her and birds stopped singing, children stopped playing and people were all sad. Seeing what happened after Sun’s disappearance, a courageous young man went fighting the dragon. They fought and, eventually,  the young man manage to kill the dragon and free the Sun but he was seriously injured. The Sun returned at her place in the sky and Spring came. People were very happy but the young man was lying on the dragon’s palace floor and bleed to death. Where the snow melt, snowdrops appeared announcers of the spring. Since then, people honor the memory of the young man by tiering with a thread 2 flowers: one red symbolizing love and the courage of the young man and one white, the color of the snowdrops – first spring flowers.

2. On March 1, the beautiful Spring came out to the edge of the forest and noticed a little white flower rising from the snow, covered by brambles. She wanted to help the little snowdrop, so she cleaned the snow around him. Being very furious on Spring, Winter decided to call the wind and frost to kill the flower. Spring protected the little snowdrop covering it with her hands but she hurt a finger and a drop of blood fell over the flower, bringing it to life. So Spring defeated the Winter and the colors of the “mărțișor” symbolize her red blood on the white snow.

The “Mărțișor” is like a talisman made of red and white threads. The classical red and white threads are often attached to a little object and offered to a woman. You can see below some models of them:

picture from here
picture from here
picture from here
picture from here
picture from here
picture from here

picture from here

picture from here

The lucky ones are considered to be: chimney-sweeper, horseshoe and four leaf clover.

Young girls used to tie the “mărțișor” on their hand and take it off on April 1. Then, they had to tie the thread on a branch of a fruit tree so they will have a wealthy year. They also made a wish who is supposed to come true right away.

I received a lot of flowers and “mărțișoare” on March 1 and this reminds me of the friends I have. Don’t think it’s about the gifts because it’s not. The “mărțișor” represents a symbol and classical red and white thread is enough. If you can’t appreciate this symbol and want something more (like a jewel or something expensive), that can only means that you don’t appreciate the true meaning of this tradition (I’m disappointed to say there are a lot of this type of girls who want something big and expensive). If you want something expensive, wait until your birthday, don’t ruin a tradition with a selfish thing.

picture from here

Have a beautiful spring!


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