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The Romanian Government strikes again

The old woman with the smallest pension: 1 leu!

After the fast food tax and the state allowance for the children,  Romanian Government comes with another marvelous proposal, showing us one more time the desperate situation of the state treasury: they were thinking about taxing the pensions.

At first, it seemed like a good solution because all of the big countries have already this measure but we are talking about Romania.

Here, there are a lot of people who worked several years for a small pension, pension they can’t even enjoy it. Most of the retired people can’t afford to live from that pension, they still need the help from their child, at least the ones that are lucky enough to have children that can help them.

We are not going to talk about the retired people with huge pensions (there are not many of them), we are going to talk about most of them, the ones that have small pensions, the ones that have to share their money for food and medicine. There are retired people who don’t have money for warming the house, so they leave early in the morning and spend almost all day in a supermarket without buying something. There are people who worked a lot of years in bad or dangerous environments for having a better life after they retire and people with no contribution to the state with huge pension because they knew how to settle things in their favor. Knowing the right person and without having any shame for the people around you are the most important things.

Officially, the smallest pension is 350 lei (~ 85 EURO, 116 USD, as we speak) and the biggest one is 37.000 lei (~ 8.975 EURO, 12.210 USD)!!! For a poor country with even poorer citizens I think it’s a huge imbalance. Some journalists found the person with the real smallest pension: an old woman (82 years old) from the north of Romania, with a pension of 1 leu!!! For 1 leu you can buy one cheapest white bread. She is very old and far away from the capital so she can’t make a complaint to the Labor Minister.

So, why taking the money from the poor ones? Why don’t they cut the huge pensions and give a small piece to the ones they really need it? Well, it’s still a mystery!


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How to give ideas to the thieves

picture from adevă

I recently read an article about an ATM of a bank placed in an almost deserted place.

This ATM is placed in a railway station, where only 6 passenger trains stops every day, station placed more than 500 meters from any human settlement, in a field. It seems that after 8pm, only one railway worker remains there, and all that it can stop the thief is a door made of old and rotten wood, whose window was broken as we speak. This ATM is set in four nuts, without any other security measure.

So this is like an invitation for the thieves: Here is your money! Please, come and take them.

I also read about a security breach at bank cards, discovered by the British researchers. They even explained how can someone use a person’s card without using a PIN. So let’s give to the thieves more ideas so they can stole better and without risks: we make the research, we publish it in a daily newspaper, you buy it and read it. You can find all the information you need regarding money or other values, places with low or even without a measure of security.

I don’t even know what the bank was thinking by placing that ATM even though it’s legal representative said that this ATM is not functional yet. It’s going to be operational in the near future, depending on the amounts of money awarded will whether remain or not there. There is said that no ATM was stolen in their region, so they continue to believe on good faith of the citizens. Or maybe they thought that their citizen are too stupid to stole an ATM since this region is a small town with ~ 7486 residents and far away from any temptation, unlike the bigger cities.

In the last 2 years, robbery at currency exchange offices, pawn houses and banks have multiplied, and now we are practically inviting the thief to stole our goods.

So, if you what to stole an ATM, please come here: we have an ATM waiting to be stolen.

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Children that are more equal than others

picture form here

In a situation more than bad caused by the economical crisis, Romanian leaders come up every day with solutions: if they are not of all laughter they surely violates the Constitution.

After the fast-food tax they decided that children should receive their allowance based on the income of their parents. They also proposed that the money from the rich people should be given to the poor ones so this way everybody will be happy.

Well, I don’t agree with this proposal. The state allowance is an universal right for all the children, if they want to help the poor ones, they should give them an additional allowance. The current allowance is about 42 lei, you can buy around 42 cheapest white bread (250g) or 3 kg of chicken. It is not even close to the help needed for rising a child but it’s a start and they want to take away this right of them and sharing as they like. Because they consider that some children are more equal than others and they should make a balance between them.

Let’s take from the rich parents and give to the poor ones. So what some of them learned and struggled to have a better job, a better salary and a better life? We should take the money from their children (money that are guaranteed by the Constitution) and give them to the poor ones, the gypsies, strays. Let’s encourage the birth rate among the poor families who don’t have money for raising their children but they continue to give birth to them. Let’s give them money so their parents spend them on drink and cigars.

The state should not be interested in the income of the parents, they should be interested in finding solutions for helping the poor children and also to control birth rate among the poor families. But instead of that, Minister of Labor encourage the birth rate of lowly people.

I’m not against in having a lot of children but I don’t agree just giving birth to them and then blame the government for not being able to offer them a decent life. If you can’t afford to rise a child, you should not give birth to one. Poor families don’t stop at giving birth to a child, they have 4-5-6, even more. The more, the better so they can send them begging.

picture from here

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Fast Food tax

picture from here

Romanian leaders are very inventive when it comes to collecting money for the state budget.

They come up with a fast food tax that it’s supposed to be paid by all the entities that produce or import food with a high level of salt, fats, sugar and additives: fast food, pastry, cakes, snacks, chips and fizzy drinks.

You may think that this is a good thing and Health Minister is concerned about the people of this country, but let’s take a peek into the deepest of this “business”: it doesn’t exist a term that definitely separate the healthy and unhealthy food so almost all the food you can find on the market may be considered unhealthy (excepting the vegetables, fruits and all the raw food). People are poor so most of them eat what is cheap and easy to get. Introducing a fast food tax will only bring higher prices and lower consumption. All the food will be expensive and people will still continue to eat it because of the lack of healthy food alternative. Healthy  food is still very expensive and not many people can afford to buy it.

How can you introduce a fast food tax in a country affected by the economical crisis, with a lot of poor people and then say that this is in the benefit of the people? They said that fast food affects the health of the people but if these products will be more expensive, people will go back to bread and french fries because it’s cheaper and I don’t agree that these last 2 products are very healthy.They will not eat a hamburger, a sandwich or a hot-dog, they’ll go back at eating pretzels. Health Minister initially said that this is only an idea but it was already announced that this tax is going to be collected starting March. This smells like another attempt for rapidly collecting money from the poor people for the state budget.

Well, we are going to have a hell of a life. But it’s ok, we still have the hope for a better life!

picture from here

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Violet Flame strikes again

picture from atlantis-property-management

As I wrote before about Romanian chaos caused by presidential elections, the story has not ended.

After validating the president, the looser of the elections, Geoană,  and his lovely wife concluded that his defeat was due to energy attacks.

It seems that the president have some sort of Hocus Pocus Experts (let’s call them HPE) that use their energy for defeating his political enemies. These HPE use the mystical violet flame to kneel their targets.

The people outside Băsescu’s ruling party said that on Thursday, most of his people were wearing violet clothes, scarfs, neckties or document holders. His political enemies are terrified that all this esoteric influence will bring them misfortune and it’s very possible that after violet flame, black magic will be next. We are a loving God people, we believe in witches, violet flames, white and black magic and all things related to that and our ruler must be the best of … everything, so it’s not that weird that he won the presidential elections using violet flame.

Because of the increasing number of people who are afraid of the violet flame influence, 5 witches sent of Ciresica, “good Christians with powerful healing  abilities” are trying to unbind the violet flame curse from Romanian Parliament.

picture from

Cireșica (the only Romanian witch that wrote 6 magic related books) said that a couple of years ago a flock of black birds entered the Parliament building and since then this institution  is haunted by ghosts and spells and this ritual is “for the sake of the country”. Because this ritual was going to be broadcast on TV, they tried to make a show look as truthful: “Cast away the evil from the Romanian Government, let the Romanian country be clean of spells, of curses, let it have a clean and lit government who will bring us good news. I have stopped and removed the flame of evil and the curse of the Romanian Parliament by the flock of black birds. Let all evil and spells go away from the Parliament (…). Evil, get out from our country and the brains of Presidents and leaders.” Well, this is not the exact translation but it’s close to it. Publicity brings money so you figure out the related details.

Well, it’s a good thing that these gypsies healers think only about the good of the country and his citizens and we really should be very grateful but I didn’t understand a thing: those healers said that they will remove the violet flame curse. I google it about this special flame and most of the related sites wrote that this is a special power granted from God for helping the mankind.

So if this violet flame is a good thing for people, why the white magic healers want to cast away?

Well, at least we have a motive for all the misfortune, corruption, poverty from our country: it’s not our fault and also our leader, it’s the violet flame curse!!!

Until next time, don’t forget: if it’s Thursday, it’s Violet Flame!

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A cat with a special friend

I just received an email with these cute pictures.

It seems that a lady from Harrisburg has a cat who has a special friend that comes to visit him every morning!

Enjoy the pictures!

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Learning languages was never so much FUN

When you read something like this, you’ll probably think it to be another post about how you can learn a language using free courses from Internet or to get a tutor.

It’s nothing like this. I started the new year by learning new words in a foreign language on livemocha. It’s said what you do in the first day of the new year, you will be doing it for the rest of the year as well. So I decided to learn :D (it’s just a silly superstition but why to take chances? :P).

Now, what’s livemocha? you may ask. Well, it’s a site where you can learn a language for free and can practice it with native speakers.

I had the account for more than 2 years but I didn’t use it until recently.

What’s the catch: you make an account, you enroll in a course and after learning words, you have to submit an exercise. They are written and speaking exercises and people from the site (native speakers or fluent) help you correcting them.

You can also help the others with correcting their submission in your native language or the one that you know.

It’s a little bit difficult in the beginning but when you make some friends (you can add them when they correct your submissions so you can always send them a request for helping you every time you submit a new exercise) it gets a lot easier and believe me its really worth it.

What can be better than learning an alien language in a funny manner with your friends… You can chat all day in the language you want to with a native speaker. And it’s all for free.

So, if you want to learn a new language, I’ll be waiting for you on

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