The little beggar girl

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She was standing in front of the market store, on a cardboard probably from the garbage bin left there by the store employees. At her feet there was a small box where you could see a few coins.

She was a cute little girl with big brown eyes and curly hair, no more than 10 years old. Her face was white and her cheeks were all red due to the cold weather. She was wearing a dirty purple dress with a pair of black trousers, a red coat and a pair of old black boots.

There was a very nasty wind so she tried to warm her hands.

People were passing by not paying any attention at her.

With tears in her eyes, she begged the passers-by:

– Please, madame, can you give me a coin? Mister?

Only a madam with a a little child stopped by and put a few coins in her box.

“Thank you very much!” said the little girl with tears in her eyes.

The night was getting close and still there were only a few coins in her box. The market store was near closing time and the little girl was freezing. A good looking man rushed to the store but a sad low voice stopped him:

“- Please mister, can you give me some coins! I’m begging you! Please, help me!” And her face was suddenly covered in tears.

The man looked at the little girl’s face and asked her gently:

“Poor little girl, you are freezing! Were are your parents and what are you doing here?”

“My parents are dead”, said the girl. My mother died giving birth to my little brother and my father killed himself short after my mother death.

“Poor girl, you must have been very lonely. But why are you here? You don’t have any relatives?”

“I have an older sister and a little brother. We live with our grandma but she is old and sick. My sister work very hard for our sake and my brother is very little. I know that begging it’s not a good thing but I really want to help my family, so that we can buy some medicine for grandma and food for my little brother. I wanted to work but people said that I’m too little and I can’t work, but I can! I can!” cried the girl. “Please, mister, I can help you with your market basket, please give me a coin.”

The man pulled out from his pocket a stack of coins, but he shoved it back and entered the store. A few minutes later, he exit the store with 2 bags and offered one to the girl who was crying.

“Here you go! You’ll find there some food for your family and a crocheted hat for you! But you have to promise me something!”

The little girl looked at the man with eyes wide open.

“You’ll have to promise me that you will never beg, no matter what. It’s a very dangerous world and something might happen to you. Wait until you’ll be big enough so you can work and then help your family. I’m sure that if you’ll get hurt, your family will get very sad. It’s that a promise?”

“Yes!” said the little girl, wiping her nose with her coat sleeve. “Thank you very much, mister! God bless you and your family!”

The man smiled and looked at the girl’s happy face. “Now, go home!”

“Yes! Goodbye, good sir and thank you with all my heart!”

The girl rushed home and the man watched her going.

A thought crossed his mind and a spark in his eyes quickly appeared. He dialed a number and…

“Yes, it’s me! I found her… She’s perfect! Ok! Good night!”…


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