How to give ideas to the thieves

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I recently read an article about an ATM of a bank placed in an almost deserted place.

This ATM is placed in a railway station, where only 6 passenger trains stops every day, station placed more than 500 meters from any human settlement, in a field. It seems that after 8pm, only one railway worker remains there, and all that it can stop the thief is a door made of old and rotten wood, whose window was broken as we speak. This ATM is set in four nuts, without any other security measure.

So this is like an invitation for the thieves: Here is your money! Please, come and take them.

I also read about a security breach at bank cards, discovered by the British researchers. They even explained how can someone use a person’s card without using a PIN. So let’s give to the thieves more ideas so they can stole better and without risks: we make the research, we publish it in a daily newspaper, you buy it and read it. You can find all the information you need regarding money or other values, places with low or even without a measure of security.

I don’t even know what the bank was thinking by placing that ATM even though it’s legal representative said that this ATM is not functional yet. It’s going to be operational in the near future, depending on the amounts of money awarded will whether remain or not there. There is said that no ATM was stolen in their region, so they continue to believe on good faith of the citizens. Or maybe they thought that their citizen are too stupid to stole an ATM since this region is a small town with ~ 7486 residents and far away from any temptation, unlike the bigger cities.

In the last 2 years, robbery at currency exchange offices, pawn houses and banks have multiplied, and now we are practically inviting the thief to stole our goods.

So, if you what to stole an ATM, please come here: we have an ATM waiting to be stolen.


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