Children that are more equal than others

February 21, 2010 at 1:08 AM 1 comment

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In a situation more than bad caused by the economical crisis, Romanian leaders come up every day with solutions: if they are not of all laughter they surely violates the Constitution.

After the fast-food tax they decided that children should receive their allowance based on the income of their parents. They also proposed that the money from the rich people should be given to the poor ones so this way everybody will be happy.

Well, I don’t agree with this proposal. The state allowance is an universal right for all the children, if they want to help the poor ones, they should give them an additional allowance. The current allowance is about 42 lei, you can buy around 42 cheapest white bread (250g) or 3 kg of chicken. It is not even close to the help needed for rising a child but it’s a start and they want to take away this right of them and sharing as they like. Because they consider that some children are more equal than others and they should make a balance between them.

Let’s take from the rich parents and give to the poor ones. So what some of them learned and struggled to have a better job, a better salary and a better life? We should take the money from their children (money that are guaranteed by the Constitution) and give them to the poor ones, the gypsies, strays. Let’s encourage the birth rate among the poor families who don’t have money for raising their children but they continue to give birth to them. Let’s give them money so their parents spend them on drink and cigars.

The state should not be interested in the income of the parents, they should be interested in finding solutions for helping the poor children and also to control birth rate among the poor families. But instead of that, Minister of Labor encourage the birth rate of lowly people.

I’m not against in having a lot of children but I don’t agree just giving birth to them and then blame the government for not being able to offer them a decent life. If you can’t afford to rise a child, you should not give birth to one. Poor families don’t stop at giving birth to a child, they have 4-5-6, even more. The more, the better so they can send them begging.

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