Violet Flame strikes again

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As I wrote before about Romanian chaos caused by presidential elections, the story has not ended.

After validating the president, the looser of the elections, Geoană,  and his lovely wife concluded that his defeat was due to energy attacks.

It seems that the president have some sort of Hocus Pocus Experts (let’s call them HPE) that use their energy for defeating his political enemies. These HPE use the mystical violet flame to kneel their targets.

The people outside Băsescu’s ruling party said that on Thursday, most of his people were wearing violet clothes, scarfs, neckties or document holders. His political enemies are terrified that all this esoteric influence will bring them misfortune and it’s very possible that after violet flame, black magic will be next. We are a loving God people, we believe in witches, violet flames, white and black magic and all things related to that and our ruler must be the best of … everything, so it’s not that weird that he won the presidential elections using violet flame.

Because of the increasing number of people who are afraid of the violet flame influence, 5 witches sent of Ciresica, “good Christians with powerful healing  abilities” are trying to unbind the violet flame curse from Romanian Parliament.

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Cireșica (the only Romanian witch that wrote 6 magic related books) said that a couple of years ago a flock of black birds entered the Parliament building and since then this institution  is haunted by ghosts and spells and this ritual is “for the sake of the country”. Because this ritual was going to be broadcast on TV, they tried to make a show look as truthful: “Cast away the evil from the Romanian Government, let the Romanian country be clean of spells, of curses, let it have a clean and lit government who will bring us good news. I have stopped and removed the flame of evil and the curse of the Romanian Parliament by the flock of black birds. Let all evil and spells go away from the Parliament (…). Evil, get out from our country and the brains of Presidents and leaders.” Well, this is not the exact translation but it’s close to it. Publicity brings money so you figure out the related details.

Well, it’s a good thing that these gypsies healers think only about the good of the country and his citizens and we really should be very grateful but I didn’t understand a thing: those healers said that they will remove the violet flame curse. I google it about this special flame and most of the related sites wrote that this is a special power granted from God for helping the mankind.

So if this violet flame is a good thing for people, why the white magic healers want to cast away?

Well, at least we have a motive for all the misfortune, corruption, poverty from our country: it’s not our fault and also our leader, it’s the violet flame curse!!!

Until next time, don’t forget: if it’s Thursday, it’s Violet Flame!


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