How men understand romance

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It’s said that men don’t understand women, but who can understand them also?

There are a lot of magazines, newspapers and online resources about how men can learn about women for better understanding and accepting them as they are but there are few resources for vice versa. There is said that men only need 2 things: food and sex. I don’t agree with it. Men want more than these elementary things. They want a woman to serve, to cook, to take care of them, just like his mother does. They want that their woman to be a lady in the society, a great housekeeper and a whore in their bed.  At least this is a saying of our country which, from my experience, it’s true most of it.

What do this means?

Well, it means that a man wants a smart woman by his side when they go out, who can have intelligent discussions and arguments so he can be very proud of her when meeting with friends.

He wants a great housekeeper so their house to be clean all the time, to have good meals and all the clothes clean.

And not the last one, he wants a whore in bed. I don’t really know the exact meaning of this. I only can guess. In my opinion that should mean to be good in bed, just like a pro 😀 ! What do you think?

Regarding the title:

I asked my boyfriend to be more romantic and the answer was: Ok, how much money do you want?

Well, it wasn’t so bad as it looked like. It’s just his way to show his affection. He don’t know how to be romantic, to surprise me. Not everything  can be bought. Sometimes, I just wish for simple things like walking through park and admire the first snowflakes. A romantic night doesn’t mean just eating out or buying expensive things.

Women are from Venus and men are from Mars, aren’t they?


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