Lucky me, I am the new president of Romania!

December 7, 2009 at 10:02 PM 1 comment

Yesterday, Romanian people chose their President.

As usual, presidential elections took place the same way as negotiations between merchants in a fair.

People from every ruling party tried to convince the citizen to choose their candidate (by any means).  So there were a lot of people that received various benefits from one or the other ruling party for voting.

Well, the surprise was when the exit-polls pointed to Mircea Geoana as the new president. Great joy for everyone, he thanked all the voters, supporters from other ruling parties, his wife, his daughter an so on… much like the Oscar awards. On the opposing camp, Traian Basescu was also celebrating the new term as president, with his supporters.

Front page title: Romania, the country with 2 presidents!

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Ok, let’s return to reality. After counting all the votes, the situation stands as follows: Basescu has 50.33% and Geoana has 49.66% of the votes, following the validation of the results by the Constitutional Court, after resolving possible disputes.

And from now on, as we already accustomed to bickering: both arguing among themselves about election fraud.

Thief shouting: Thieves! – as a Romanian saying goes.

Never mind that both had a dirty election campaign and each one has “stolen” votes,  if the other one won the presidential election it’s clear:  it was fraud!

Until the validation of the election: live well, as Basescu used to say.


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