How Romanians spend National Day of Romania

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Grand Assembly of Alba Iulia

Yesterday, 1st of December, was the National Day of Romania. In the year 1918, on December 1, 1228 official delegates along with masses from Transylvania came to Alba Iulia to sign the resolution for the unification of Transylvania with Romania.

How Romanians spent National Day?

Well, in Bucharest, at Triumphal  Arch  a military parade was held between 11.00 and 12.30. Nearly 10,000 people gathered to see the artillery exhibition by military forces, including tanks, armored cars and aircraft.

More pictures from this event you can find on the website of the Ministry of National Defense.

Thousands of people attended the military parade and parade of folk costumes from Alba Iulia, where all started. Dozens of local-ities brought delicious food in Alba Iulia for the Romanian National Day:

*pictures form

In Bucharest, district Mayors waited for the Romanian parade to celebrate
with with beans-sausages and boiled plum brandy.

*picture from

If you ask me about how I spent the National Day… well,  I stayed at home. I got to know just the last night that I would be having the day off. There were many people who worked even on this day. It’s not a very special day for us, even if the authorities want us to believe it. Romanian bosses don’t understand that this day must be a free day for all the Romanians (excepting the ones that are working in transportation, health, fire and other categories as for if they would stop working, it would create chaos). They consider this day like any other and so we have to work. It’s a good thing that retirees were lucky enough for being able to queue for a bowl of food for free. I’m not the type who stands in the line in crowded and cold places for a beans and sausages bath.

Romanians usually crowd when it comes to something for free: food, drink or concerts.

Everything is perfect as long as it is for free!


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